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POWERGEN is one of the established organizations in the packaged power sector of the economy.

Our areas of focus are in supply of Generators, Transformers, Control panels, Power Equipment, and Solar Systems. We also handle services such as maintenance of generators, rentals, overhaul and provision of genuine spares parts for generators and other ancillary equipment.



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Innovative energy concepts

Nowadays it is not enough simply to supply and connect power generators, emergency power units or combined power plants. Rather, it is a question of setting up accurate and economical energy concepts in the course of time - no more and no less. With our broad supplier network as well as numerous reference projects, we are certainly in a position to harmonize technological requirements and budgets.


Quality and Reliability

Diesel Generators, emergency power units or combined renewable energy source and power plants often start up when a capacity limit is reached. If you do not worry, you may lose a lot of money and time. In view of this, there is no question that the technology we have distributed must be particularly robust and reliable. We do not compromise for lower prices - that's what the brand selection from Perkins and Cummins already speaks for in our portfolio.


Years of experience

The sales and service team of the Powergen Engineering has been dealing with power generators, emergency power units as well as combined solar and inverter power plants of every color for many years. The knowledge that we can provide you with the delivery of the actual technology is correspondingly broad. Please try this promise and make a free consultation today.


Strong price / performance ratio

Good quality also has their price. Nevertheless, there is no doubt that your budgetary requirements have to be addressed realistically. Our service team works closely with you to create different offer scenarios at different price points. They all have the bottom line of an absolutely competitive price / performance ratio - without "if" and "but".


Environmental compatibility

More than ever diesel generators, emergency power generators and combined solar and inverter power plants have to meet exact requirements regarding environmental compatibility and energy efficiency. In recent years, this has also resulted in a tremendous improvement in the cost-effectiveness of such devices. Powergen Engineering therefore uncompromisingly uses state-of-the-art technology that conserves natural resources.


Friendliness and Punctuality

A friendly handling with the customer as well as reliability and punctuality in the delivery complete the service promise of Powergen Engineering. Of course, this promise does not end with the installation of your Diesel Generator - if you have questions or technical problems, our competent service team will be at your side.


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Innovative Engineering

Powergen is able to provide its customers with expertise, know-how and innovative....

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Exceptional Customer Service

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Creative Solutions

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Impressive Results

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