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Innovative Engineering
Powergen is able to provide its customers with expertise, know-how and innovative design in almost any power engineering domain. The capabilities of the company include a broad set of fundamental disciplines that can be applied in numerous industries. The key to our success has been the enduring innovative engineering in delivering power solutions to our clients, from generator supplies and installation in homes and offices, Inverter and solar power installations, power management solutions to electrification, Powergen has consistently delivered superior innovative engineering technology to its clients.
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Our Strenght

At Powergen we provide rental of various capacities of commercial & industrial diesel engine generators to serve various demands for our clients anywhere nationwide. This ranges between 20kva to 1.5MVA which can be provided in various scalable capacities.

We understand the need of our client for emergency power and we have positioned ourselves to provide reliable & cost effective rental power solutions through the provision of a wide range of rental generators
available for short-term or long-term hiring.

Our rental generators can serve as source of emergency power at sites without access to the public national grid, or as source of back-up power in the event of a total breakdown of power equipment for sites such as
Estates, Hotels, Office buildings, Churches etc.

We understand the need to keep our clients happy and keep their businesses moving forward by providing uninterrupted power supply whenever and wherever they need it.