5 Ways Light Affects You

Light is all around us, whether it is the natural light of the sun or light generated by the power grid or the alternative source of energy. On the streets we have light, in our homes and offices we have light but do we stop to think for a moment how these array of light affects us, our moods and our well being?
Light is important to life, several studies has shown that regardless of your profession there is an undeniable indication that light affects our lives in many ways. That's why today people hire lighting experts and designers to generate exactly the right atmosphere in homes, offices, restaurants, and theaters; even in shopping malls.

So keeping the lights on is good! Here are 5 ways light can affect you


1. Moods, Feeling and Disposition

Lighting greatly impacts our disposition throughout the day. How we feel can greatly be altered by the light around us. Natural lighting through windows has a very calming and peaceful effect on our moods and emotions; however darkness and even poor artificial lighting can trigger depression. Serotonina chemicalin our brain that create soothing feeling tend to plummets on dark days, causing negative changes in mood and emotions, whereas daylight is proven to cause a spike in serotonin and induce happiness. Simply put on sunny days we tend to be more optimistic and even more helpful.
Are you feeling depressed?Put on the bright light or go outside for 15 minutes and feel your mood brighten!

2. Productivity and Concentration

Schools, officesandother places where our brains need to be stimulated are always brightly lit. The most prevalent source of light in these locations is often fluorescent because it sort of mimic the sun andis cost and energy efficient. Please note however that when you spend excessive time solely in very bright artificial light you can begin to feel nervous and uneasy. Occasionally libraries tend to use "warmer" bulbs to try to build a more comfortable reading environment.
Creativity can be optimize by dimming your lights a little, then brightenthem when you need to focus!

3. Sleep Cycles

Our sleep circle is obviously affected by light. Our circadian rhythm, the built-in biological process that oscillates every 24 hoursis driven by exposure to daylight. Our activities throughout the day also affect this circle. Several studies has shown that exposure to brighter light in the late evenings can cause a delay to this cycle and may lead us to a preference for a later sleep time. When our sleep patterns are disrupted we're more susceptible to many health ailments.
Keeping the light dim in bedrooms creates a drowsy effect and will prepare you for sleep. Be especially cautious of how late you're on your bright electronic devices too. You can dim the device, or switch on night reading mode, which reverses the lighting effect - white text on black page, rather than black text on white page.

4. Movement

Availability of light greatly improves our desire to move, talk and play because we can easily see ourselves and spot obstacles when there is light. When the light goes off we tend to reduce our movement significantly that’s why having standby source of electricity at home or office is a must in today’s world. Have you ever experience an outage during an important discussion, everything suddenly stops and everyone goes silent. Flow of thoughts during brainstorming session has often been disrupted and great ideas lost tosuch power outages.
Darkness creates a feeling of danger that’s why we must ensure the lights are on always!

5. Our Decision Making

Studies suggest that emotions are experienced more intensely under bright lights. Someone once said that everything looks good under bright lights. Have you ever experienced getting home after a purchase and suddenly realizing that the fantastic item you just bought a moment ago is not so fantastic after all. Lighting is part of the strategies to induce you to make that purchase that’s why they always keep the lights on!
So in your home and business keeping the lights on at varying degrees of brightness can create soothing and loving atmosphere. Since light affect your health and overall well being in many ways than one, keeping darkness away should be a daily decision.

These are just few ways light affect us. You can add more ways you know or have experienced in the comments below.
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