Why Chose Us?

Innovative Engineering

Powergen is able to provide its customers with expertise, know-how and innovative design in almost any power engineering domain. The capabilities of the company include a broad set of fundamental disciplines that can be applied in numerous industries. The key to our success has been the enduring innovative engineering in delivering power solutions to our clients, from generator supplies and installation in homes and offices, Inverter and solar power installations, power management solutions to electrification, Powergen has consistently delivered superior innovative engineering technology to its clients.

Exceptional Customer Service
Creative Solutions
Impressive Results

Our Strengths

We work with developers, Estate Builders, Organizations and Individuals within Nigeria on energy  management  services, sustainable  technology  and renewable  energy  solutions,  to help them intelligently generate, buy and manage Power.
We  aim  to  help  our  customers  reduce  their  power  consumption  and  improve  power efficiency with the ultimate goal of cutting costs and meeting their power satisfaction efficiently and effectively