5 Ways Light Affects You

Light is all around us, whether it is the natural light of the sun or light generated by the power grid or the alternative source of energy. On the streets we have light, in our homes and offices we have light but do we stop to think for a moment how these array of light affects us, our moods and our well being?
Light is important to life, several studies has shown that regardless of your profession there is an undeniable indication that light affects our lives in many ways. That's why today people hire lighting experts and designers to generate exactly the right atmosphere in homes, offices, restaurants, and theaters; even in shopping malls.

So keeping the lights on is good! Here are 5 ways light can affect you

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7 Ways to Lower Your Electricity Consumption and Save Money

As in many things in life, cutting down your electricity consumption can actually become a habit or should I say should become one of the good habits you cultivate. You will not only be saving money but the environment and creating opportunities for many other families to have access to electricity.
With lingering economic troubles in the word today a lot of people are looking for various ways to save money.One of the components of household expenditure is our electric bill. As many homes are transiting from postpaid to prepaid metering system, an effective usage of electricity can help lower yourconsumption and save you money for other things.

So let’s look at the following

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10 Things to Consider When Purchasing a Generator

Hey, thank you for that decision to buy a generator. It has become an integral part of life and living to have a generator. Or maybe you had one before and thinking it’s time to get a bigger standby diesel generator, whatever the reason for your generator purchase, it’s an important decision and many factors go into this purchase beyond the obvious questions of brand preference and price. The number of choices that awaits you as a buyer can make it a complicated process if your expectations are unknown.

Here are ten questions to consider when you’re in the market for an alternative system for your home, business, or facilities that may help simplify this purchasing process.

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Five ways to reduce diesel consumption for generators

As recession bite harder in Nigeria, the need to cut down on expenses is no longer an option but a must. One area people are eager to cut down expenses is power generation and consumption. To say we have an epileptic power supply will be begging the issue. So as most homes assumes the job of generating power coupled with the escalating price of diesel, a few tips on cutting down on diesel consumption will not be out of order. The tips are as follows

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