Five ways to reduce diesel consumption for generators

As recession bite harder in Nigeria, the need to cut down on expenses is no longer an option but a must. One area people are eager to cut down expenses is power generation and consumption. To say we have an epileptic power supply will be begging the issue. So as most homes assumes the job of generating power coupled with the escalating price of diesel, a few tips on cutting down on diesel consumption will not be out of order. The tips are as follows

1.    Service your generator regularly

Ensure you service your generator regularly. It is advisable to sign up a service or maintenance contract to avoid forgetting when service is due. When you service your generators as at when due, your generator will be working at optimum capacity and efficiency. A generator that is overdue for service will be working under stress and the fuel consumption is more likely to increase. Though some may argue that modern generating set are smart enough to protect themselves from abuse. That anytime the critical temperature and pressure crosses a threshold, the engine will automatically shut down. But it is always better not to leave it to chance, ensure regular maintenance and reduce diesel consumption.

2.    Augment your power needs with alternative power supply

The use of Inverters and solar energy can help reduce the diesel consumption, decrease running time and elongate the lifespan of your generator. There are heavy duty inverters that can provide alternative power source for most home and office appliances. The use of solar energy to power smaller appliances can also reduce the pressure on your generator and ensure minimal diesel consumption

3.    Know your energy need

It is advisable that you get an expert to assess your energy needs before embarking on the purchase of your generator.  Even if you did not follow that process ensure that you know how to optimize your energy usage. For instance, a generator under heavy load will consume far more fuel than one that is under a light load. Make sure that only those items that need to be on are on and that they are as efficient as possible. Sizing your generator for your load is very important for this very reason. If you have a generator rated for 10 KVA and your loads are always pushing the limits you not only will consume more fuel, but your maintenance costs will increase as well.

4.    Don’t under utilize

Operating a diesel engine at less than 50% load is not advisable either, as diesel engines operate better on load. Operating it without load or with a low load doesn’t allow the engine to reach its maximum operating temperature and this may likely create many issues that may lead to a short product life span. Underutilizing your generator also creates inefficient fuel consumption which will cost more money

5.    Use genuine spare parts whenever there is a need for change

To ensure that your generator serve you for long and reduce fuel consumption you need to insist on using genuine spare parts from authorized dealers. When you use genuine spare parts you save a lot on damages and replacement cost and you also have fuel efficiency to the bargain.

These are just five of the many ways of ensuring reduction in diesel consumption for your generator. Use them and ensure continuous peace of mind and comfort in your homes and offices. Next time we would look at some technical ways of reducing fuel consumption of diesel engines but those require additional expenses in form of additives, but with medium to long term cost reduction.

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Do You Know?
The diesel engine is named after German inventor Rudolf Diesel